• Fruit Punch

    Fruit Punch

    It’s a flavor fiesta!

    With orange, pineapple, lime and cherry, Fruit Rush Fruit Punch gives your mouth a smackdown of refreshment. Go ahead — invite some friends.

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  • Orange


    Orange you a fan?

    Who doesn’t love the flavor of a good ol’ fashioned orange? Fruit Rush Orange is old faithful, the rock of deliciousness, the north star of flavor. You just can’t go wrong.

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  • Black Cherry

    Black Cherry

    The dark side of delicious!

    Sinfully refreshing with a tart cherry flavor, Fruit Rush Black Cherry is the smooth operator’s drink of choice.

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  • Blue Raspberry

    Blue Raspberry

    Ice cold, baby!

    Fruit Rush Blue Raspberry is cooler than cool. It’s like a penguin that plays jazz — you just can’t get enough of that unique, refreshing raspberry flavor.

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  • Citrus Punch

    Citrus Punch

    Tree fruits unite! Love citrus?

    Crave that zesty snap of flavor from dusk till dawn? Then the tangy flavor shenanigans of Fruit Rush Citrus Punch are right up your alley.

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  • Grape


    A Fruit Rush favorite!

    If the timeless flavor of grape is your go-to, then Fruit Rush Grape is your first and last stop. Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic, so climb aboard the flavor train!

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  • Lemon Lime

    Lemon Lime

    The puckering powerhouse!

    So you want to invert your face from the lips in, huh? Well, be our guest. Take a sip of Fruit Rush Lemon Lime…we’ll just wait over here.

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  • Lemon


    Pucker up, princess!

    Fruit Rush Lemon is refreshing, delicious and bursting with the tart, tangy lemon goodness that just screams summer. Hold back the tears, friend. You got this.

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  • Mango Punch

    Mango Punch

    An exotic road to refreshment!

    Fruit Rush Mango Punch combines orange with the elusive mango fruit. If you live on the cutting edge of deliciousness, then brace your taste buds for adventure.

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  • Pink Lemon

    Pink Lemon

    Lemon with a wild side!

    Lemonade is a summer favorite for sure! But if you like your refreshments to be just a little more fantastic, then Fruit Rush Pink Lemon is for you.

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